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This is a video summary of basic ChiRunning ("chee-running", chi running) Principles for an Efficient and Injury Free Running Form/Technique. A natural form of running which cooperates with the forces of nature. The same principles and benefits apply to ChiWalking with slight adjustments in walking technique.


Introduction to Chi

Have you ever wanted to start running or even walking but were afraid of the pain and potential for injuries that come with these two sports?  Or maybe it just seems like it takes so much energy you’re exhausted before the first twenty minutes?

Let me introduce you to Chi Walking® and Chi Running®.  Both are based on the alignment and relaxation practices of Tai Chi, the significant influence in Chi Running® and Chi Walking®. You will learn to use your core muscles to keep your body's proper alignment, letting gravity assist in moving you along, relaxing your arms and legs.

As you move through space, gravity is constantly pushing down on you and the road is coming at you. Chi Walking® and Chi Running® will teach you to use gravity to reduce your overall effort and prevent potential injuries.  They will also help you in your everyday life.  Many of the focuses you learn will help you in maintaining your posture and movements in all the things you do daily.

If this sounds interesting to you, come join me at a workshop and start your evolution towards developing a healthy walking and running program.

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What is Balanced N Motion?

Learning to run and walk without pain should come naturally, but unfortunately most of the time injuries will sideline you at some point and you might even think about hanging up your shoes. This does not have to be the case.

Balanced N Motion will teach you how to really enjoy walking and running without the pain, while being more energy efficient and movement effective. As an experienced runner/walker or even If you’re just starting out to learn how to run/walk, wouldn't you want to exercise with the proper form and technique?

Balanced N Motion teaches Chi Walking® and Chi Running®. Developed in 1999 by Danny Dreyer, Chi Running® uses the central alignment and relaxation principles of Tai Chi and incorporates them into the sport of running. The key is using your core muscles, while allowing gravity to propel you along, using minimal energy and getting the most effective workout for your body.

Balanced N Motion will teach you the basics of Chi Walking® and Chi Running®.  A half day class will teach you

how important posture and form is in maximizing the benefits to your workouts. How changing the way you pick up your feet can reduce the amount of impact to your body.

How adding a little lean will make your work load a great deal easier. How the proper motion of your arms and a cadence will make you even more efficient. All of this is only four hours!  You will learn how to keep your body alignment in balance while moving through space, hence Balanced N Motion.

Chi-Running Workshops

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February 3Temecula, CA
February 17Palm Desert, CA
March 3Temecula, CA
March 10Palm Desert, CA

Chi-Walking Workshops

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Questions & Answers

  • q-iconWhat is Chi?

    The Chinese pronounce Chi as “chee”. It is believed to be life’s energy that unites the body, mind, and spirit. It sometimes is referred to as “Life Force” especially in acupuncture. It is thought that developing your Chi can help heal your body – mentally and physically- as well as develop a path to your full potential. It is thought that to fully develop your Chi, you must first develop a coordinated breathing and physical practice. You may then approach the development of your Chi on the level of spirituality and energy.

  • q-iconWhat is Chi Running?

    It is a revolutionary style of running that is based on the central alignment and relaxation principles of Tai Chi. This style of running moves the workload of running from the legs to the core muscles. It is this reduced workload by the legs that reduces the potential for injury and allows for effortless movement of all four limbs. Relaxation is made possible by proper body posture and appropriate lean, allowing for gravity-assisted movement. Chi running also advocates a mid-foot strike landing. Finally, people who practice Chi Running learn to connect their mind with their body (Body Sense) to help prevent injuries. You do not have to learn Tai Chi to learn Chi Running.

  • q-iconWhat is Chi Walking?

    Chi walking is also based on Tai Chi use of the central alignment and relaxation principles. This style of walking has you landing with a bent knee and using gravity-assisted movement to help move you forward. Your legs are allowed to relax while your workload is shifted to your core. While walking, your arms are engaged and you learn to maintain good posture and body alignment which helps you to become more efficient as a balanced walker.

  • q-iconIf Chi Running/Chi Walking are truly effortless, do they provide any exercise benefits?

    Practicing Chi Walking/Chi Running techniques you learn to move effortlessly. As your form improves, you will be able to move with less and less effort, but you will still get a great work out. The movement of ChiWalking/Chi Running keeps your peripheral muscles supple and relaxed while your core muscles get stronger all the while you are improving your cardiovascular and respiratory systems. You’ll also become more mindful of your body all the while reaping the benefits of walking and running.

  • q-iconHave there been any studies comparing Chi Running with other types of running styles?

    Yes. The most recent study was done by the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in 2012. In this study called, A Comparison of Lower Extremity Joint Work and Initial Loading Rates Among Four Different Running Styles, (Goss,2012) they compared four common types of running styles. Runners with rear-foot strike wearing traditional shoes; Runners with a rear-foot strike wearing minimalist shoes; Runners with an anterior forefoot strike wearing minimalist shoes; Chi Runners who were proficient in the Chi Running technique with a mid-foot (full foot) landing in both types of shoes. Results of the study found that Chi running was shown to be the most effective at reducing both the overall impact and the rate of impact. It further stated “These two attributes of good running form have been shown to reduce overuse injuries in runners.”

    For more information on this study, please go to: Chi Running Study